The Best Venue Ideas for a Memorable Prom

While prom is mainly about the dress, hair, makeup and overall feeling of being a princess. There are other factors to consider especially if you’re helping your school organize the ultimate prom. We’re aware that not all schools allow students to suggest their favorite venues but if it comes to the conversation with your tutors and teachers – you want to wow everyone with your unique and unusual ideas. Sometimes thinking outside of the box and leaving your comfort zone allows you to think of the best and most innovative ideas!

We’ve put together a list of some of the best venue ideas around. They’re not all obvious, and when we found out that proms are often held in these places, we were shocked. It’s not all about prom dresses anymore, it’s about finding an Instagrammable place to have your big day. Also, if you’re still on the lookout for a prom dress, JJ’s House is an affordable yet beautiful brand that sells a range of pretty dresses.


It’s probably not the best idea if you get easily seasick, but having a boating venue for your prom is sure to make all your dreams come true. Perhaps if the prom has an underwater theme, this venue would be the best choice. But, you can make this venue super special with a few simple decorations and no one else in your town will be able to say they’ve had their senior prom on a boat. There are so many packages out there available too, they’re not expensive but keep in mind that it’s sure to be a little more pricey than directly hiring out a hall or convention center.


Keeping in line with the underwater theme, an aquarium is a truly unique place to hold a prom. Surprisingly, aquariums have rooms in which they hold events, and these are often large (so they’d fit all your senior year in them!). It’s always worth being around the fishes and other extraordinary sea creatures! Be sure to check out the capacity limit though, if it’s only a small local aquarium they might not agree to hold an event as they may not have space.

Music Venue

For those of you who know there will be hundreds and possibly over one thousand people attending prom, the biggest and best venues have to be a music hall or venue. They’re super pretty and have plenty of space to have activities, and they always have a stage too, the prom queen and king will have their own place when they’re doing their speeches. It’s an idea many people fail to consider because it’s not as obvious and is a little different from the typical venues.


Majoring in history? Or maybe your fellow college friends love the feel and atmosphere in a museum? They’re great places to hold proms as they will easily cater for any size and capacity of people (since there are so many rooms and halls available!) This is a particularly good idea if they have a beautiful hall you can hire out. A lot of the time, they’re free to hire too which is always a bonus! Ensure you contact the museum and ask about prices, we wouldn’t recommend assuming that it is free.


Prom dresses 2019 really do make us seem like princesses but what if you were able to have your prom night in a real castle? That would be the dream! Who can think of a more perfect venue than a huge castle? Now that would make amazing pictures to look back on with nostalgia.

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